Firewood Batemans Bay

Tree removal involves cutting logs into manageable rings or splitting them into smaller pieces that can be burned in compact fireplaces. The wood is subsequently aged and marketed as a low-cost source of heating throughout the winter.

Looking for reasonably priced, aged firewood that is ready to burn?

Our team at Batemans Bay Tree Removals provides firewood throughout Batemans Bay, Bermagui, Milton, Ulladulla, Moruya, Eurobodalla, Narrawallee, Narooma, Tuross Head, Mollymook & South coast & surrounding regions, just contact us and we’ll help you. We source our wood directly from trees which must be removed for a variety of reasons, which results in our firewood being 100% recycled hardwood timber.

Stay Warm With Our Premium Firewood

Batemans Bay Tree Removals is a local and trustworthy provider of exceptional firewood, ideal for keeping your house or property warm throughout the cooler months. Our firewood is seasoned, responsibly produced, and readily available to use, making certain every log provides the greatest heat output and burn time. We acquire wood responsibly and practise responsible logging as a respected and trusted provider, guaranteeing that consumers receive the finest possible product for their heating requirements.

We can deliver superior firewood for your interior fireplace or patio fire pit, depending on your exact requirements. We provide obligation-free quotations as a fully insured organization.

As Batemans Bay Tree Removals, we suggest you consider a few factors before choosing firewood.

  • Make certain that you have tested the humidity content of the woods. When trees are taken down, the moisture level rises dramatically. Moisture content should be minimal for superior firewood. Low moisture permits scorching flames to form and dispels harmful and polluting wood smoke.
  • If you want low-smoke, high-heat firewood, go for hardwoods. Furthermore, hardwood burns for quite a while. As a result, it is effective.
  • If you want your wood to burn quickly and efficiently, choose soft wood. Softwood produces a greater odour than hardwood.
  • Wet wood will not burn at a high temperature. This produces more smoke than hardwoods that burn at elevated temperatures.
  • Smoke is generated less when wood gets hotter.
Sustainable Firewood

Because no forestry license expenses are necessary, Batemans Bay Tree Removals’ dedication to recycle 100% of the hardwood timber appropriate for firewood allows us to pass substantial savings on to our clients as comparison to our rival firewood providers. Furthermore, the majority of firewood vendors gather their seasoned timber from the ground of recently logged woods, employing intrusive trucks and loaders in the process. This practice is harmful to the ecology because it disrupts and diminishes animal refuge and nesting options, as well as decreasing the quantity of decaying organic matter on the forest floor, which disrupts native ground coverings. 

When you buy our firewood, you help to prevent these damaging practises and contribute to the restoration of our wonderful native forests. Choosing this firewood will be a smart decision for you both financially and environmentally.


Q) What areas do you cover?
A) We supply firewood to Batemans Bay, Bermagui, Milton, Ulladulla, Moruya, Eurobodalla, Narrawallee, Narooma, Tuross Head, Mollymook, South Coast, and adjacent areas.


Why not talk to our team about getting some cheap firewood? Make the most of Mother Nature by using wood from sustainably decaying trees. At Batemans Bay Tree Removals, we offer the best firewood service in the area. We respect your opinion and will take it into account as we expand our firewood selection.

You can also contact us if you have any other questions or concerns regarding firewood. Our support staff and expert tree service technicians are available to assist you.